About Growing Kind and Compassionate Kids Video Series

  • 7 short videos

    Each video is between 2 and 6 minutes in length and features Josh Langley talking directly to kids along side Josh's fun illustrations. The videos are part of Josh Langley's Masterclass video series, 'Here I am!'

  • 7 easy activities

    Each video comes with a suggested activity which could be drawing, writing or a conversation starter with parents, grandparents, or caregivers about the relevant topic.

  • Downloadables

    PDF activity sheets and affirmation posters come included.

In 3 hours your child can:

(or the course can be self paced)

  • Feel where their kindness comes from.

  • Discover ways to be kind to people and build empathy.

  • Why it's important not to bully anyone.

  • Discover ways to be kind to their pets and other animals.

  • Discover ways to be kind to the planet.

  • Discover the powerful difference they could make to someone's life.

  • Know that they are important to the world.

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Bonus inclusions!

  • Get lifetime unlimited access to Growing Kind and Compassionate Kids

  • Parent Guide on how to best use the video series

  • Activity workbook PDF

  • At a glance lesson summaries PDF

  • Affirmation Posters that can be printed off

Course curriculum

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About Josh Langley

Award winning children's author

I'm the author of the award winning Being You is Enough series of Children's self help books. I'm a strong advocate for positive mental health messages for young people after personally experiencing a difficult childhood, failing high school and being told that I would amount to nothing. These experiences, and how I overcame them, informs my books, presentations, courses and charity work. My work is used by child psychologists, counsellors, speech pathologists, schools and libraries across Australia, also by Perth Children’s Hospital, Children’s Tumour Foundation, Camp Quality, Story Box Library, CentaCare Victoria and Children’s Book Council of Australia WA Branch.

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Important disclaimer

Growing Kind and Compassionate Kids is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counselling or medical treatment. If a parent has any concerns about their child’s wellbeing, they should seek medical treatment from a qualified professional and not solely rely upon the opinions expressed in 'Growing Kind and Compassionate Kids' It is not designed for children who have severe psychological disorders or medical conditions. Children who show signs of dangerous behaviour to themselves or others, should be placed under the care of a qualified professional.