Does your child struggle with self-confidence and low self-esteem?

I know it breaks your heart to see your child battle with low confidence and low self worth and all the problems that stem from it. It's especially hard for parents of special needs children too. That's why I've designed Here I am! to help and inspire children like yours to feel better about themselves, about school and life in general.

I'm Josh Langley and I’ve helped inspire thousands of kids around the world with my inspirational books and school talks and now with Here I am! I can give your child the confidence to be their best selves.

How I can help your child:

  • Help boost self confidence

  • Help believe in themselves and their abilities

  • To accept themselves for who they are

  • To be kinder and less harsh on themselves

  • Give them hope for the future

  • Notice and turn around unhelpful thoughts

  • To help make friends with all their feelings

  • To be braver and more confident in the world.

  • Inspire them to live their best life

Here I am! Inspirational Video Series at a glance

  • 28 short videos

    Each video is between 2 and 6 minutes in length and features inspirational and award winning children's author, Josh Langley, talking directly to kids along side Josh's fun illustrations.

  • 26 optional fun activities

    Each video comes with a suggested activity which could be drawing or writing. No certain skill level is required.

  • Downloadables

    PDF activity sheets and affirmation posters are included free.

  • Conversation starters

    The video series is designed to start conversations between parent, grandparent or caregiver and the child about the topics that each video raises, strengthening the bond.

  • Mobile friendly

    Here I am! can be viewed on most mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

  • Accessible and inclusive

    Here I am! can be enjoyed by most children, including those with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, learning difficulties, a physical difference or physical disability. Sorry, no subtitles as yet.

Get life time access to Here I am! for only $99.95

(was $147)

Make screen time, inspiration time!

Screentime can now be a life changing experience for your kids. Here I am! is full of bite size inspirational and motivational videos – Think mini TED Talks for kids, but lots more fun!

What's included

  • 1


    • BONUS! 21 Conversation Starters with Kids, plus a Guide to Having Deeper Conversations - Mobile Friendly download

    • BONUS! 21 Conversation Starters with Kids, plus a Guide to Having Deeper Conversations - Parent Guide

    • Here I am! At a glace lesson summary sheets and activity sheets. (Download and print off)

    • Here I am! Parent Guide - PDF Download

    • Meet Josh Langley and get ready to start being inspired!

  • 2

    Video Series Part 1 - Self acceptance and Self awareness

  • 3

    Video Series Part 2 - Creativity and Resilience

    • The power of daydreaming and the imagination

    • Mistakes can be magnificent

    • Failing can be fantastic

    • Problems don't have to be.. problems!

    • How to avoid overthinking

    • How to be brave

  • 4

    Video Series Part 3 - Understanding your feelings

  • 5

    Video Series Part 4 - Building kindness and empathy and one last powerful message

    • Finding your wildly kind power

    • Being wildly kind to people

    • The real reason why it's important not to be mean (don't bully)

    • Being wildly kind to animals

    • Being wildly kind to the planet

    • The real power of being wildly kind

    • You are important to the world

  • 6

    Bloopers, Posters, and other fun stuff

    • The last video and the bloopers (so embarrassing!)

    • Here I am! 12 x Affirmation Posters to print off

Watch the video below to see how kids can use the power of gratitude to make them feel better

Watch Intro Video

Sample Video

The Power of Gratitude

Plus get FREE Bonus Material to the value of $71!

When you purchase the 28 video course, you'll also get:

  • Lifetime unlimited access to all videos to use as daily inspiration over and over again.

  • Parent guide on how to get the most from 'Here I am!'.

  • At a glance lesson summaries that can be printed.

  • Activity workbook that can be printed.

  • 12 x 'Here I am!' affirmation posters to print and pin up.

  • Blooper reel! Yes, you can watch all the outtakes and have an even bigger laugh!

  • 21 Conversation starters for Kids PDF that can be downloaded direct to your phone.

Get life time access to Here I am! for only $99.95

(was $147)

"Kids need this!"

Sonia Bestulic – Author, Speech & Language Pathologist, Podcaster of Chatabout Children

"Having worked with thousands of children over the decades; I know kids need this! Josh has beautifully developed a course that sets kids up to develop crucial and foundational life skills. The modules are highly engaging, and personable; with content that really speaks to children’s hearts and minds. With the Josh Langley trademark quirks, and fun; you won’t find another course like it; it truly is one of a kind. Thank you Josh for the difference I know this will make in the world."

"Josh has the most magical way of talking about the things that matter."

Karen Young - Hey Sigmund

"My client is using your program with her three littlies and loving it!"

– Miranda Watkins CEO of Evolve Wellbeing | Psychologist

"SERIOUSLY good job!!!! It’s fabulous. Parents are going to love it.

- Michelle Mitchell Parenting and Teen expert.

Learning to connect with your own creativity and to give things a go is something many people talk about, but Josh provides simple yet effective strategies for children and parents to use together"

- Ruth Lindsay, Children's Tumour Foundation

Meet the creator and presenter of Here I am!

Josh Langley - Award winning children's author

I'm the author of the award winning 'Being You is Enough' books series for kids and I promote positive mental and emotional health messages for kids through my books, presentations, primary school talks, videos, charity work and courses.

From failure to success

After failing high school and being unemployed, I went onto become a multi-award award winning radio copywriter and publish 9 books (4 kids books) and win the 2018 Australia Book Industry Awards (ABIA) Small Publishers' Children's Book of the Year. I host my own chat show, 'Josh Langley Gets to Know', where I talks with authors, children’s wellness specialists and people with inspiring stories.

Inspiring a new generation

My books have helped thousands of kids around the world and I tour primary schools talking to kids about self-esteem and resilience. I create inspirational videos for the Children’s Book Council of Australia WA Branch and Camp Quality Children’s Cancer Charity. I'm also an ambassador for The Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia.

Get life time access to Here I am! for only $99.95

(was $147)


  • What is the age group for this course?

    Kids aged 7 to 10. However if your child is older than 10 but developmentally younger, they would benefit too.

  • Do you single out or talk about certain conditions or issues that children may have?

    I don't get specific at all. Because I want all kids to relate to what I'm saying, I keep things very generalised.

  • How long do I have access to the course for?

    You get unlimited lifetime access when you purchase 'Here I am!', so you and your child can go through the course as many times as you like. The videos are all able to be watched on-demand as well, so when certain life situations arise, your child can watch a video that can help them work through with that situation.

  • Is 'Here I am!' suitable for children on the autism spectrum?

    Yes. I'd show your child the course outline first, so they can become familiar with what to expect so there are no surprises. Some of the videos feature basic animation, but nothing too intense. You might like to watch some of the sample lessons to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

  • My child is non verbal, is 'Here I am!' still appropriate for them?

    Yes definitely. The messages and activities are still just as relevant and might be even more important for your child to hear.

  • My child is highly sensitive to stimuli, are there any bright flashing graphics or loud noises in 'Here I am!'?

    'Here I am!', does contain some basic animation, but nothing that would be considered intense. I'd suggest watching the preview videos to get an idea of what the graphics and animations look like. And no there are no loud noises or sound effects.

  • My child seems happy and progressing well, would they get anything out of this course?

    Yes. Every child, will be able to take something away from the course, even if it's simply being able to notice and manage their thoughts and emotions so they can live a more emotionally balanced life as they grow up.

  • My child is hearing impaired, do the videos have captions?

    Not as yet. I intend on including closed captions in the next 6 months. However I highlight key messages in bold text on the screen as I talk, so your child can get the key takeaway messages and still do the activities. I'd suggest watching one of the sample videos to see what I mean.

Get life time access to Here I am! for only


Important disclaimer

Here I am! is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counselling or medical treatment. If a parent has any concerns about their child’s wellbeing, they should seek medical treatment from a qualified professional and not solely rely upon the opinions expressed in 'Here I am!' It is not designed for children who have severe psychological disorders or medical conditions. Children who show signs of dangerous behaviour to themselves or others, should be placed under the care of a qualified professional.