No more pulling teeth!

Sometimes engaging your kids in conversation can be like pulling teeth, so here’s some great ways to open up those important chats, so you can get an insight into what they’re thinking and feeling. I’ve put together questions based on my Being You is Enough book series, Here I am! online course, with questions that parents and parenting experts have shared with me over the years and some of the best ones I’ve found on the internet.

Sample Questions

Download the PDF to your phone and you'll have an instant toolbox of questions to open up all sorts of interesting conversations with your kids or grandkids.

BONUS Parent Guide

You don't just get the PDF of the question starters, you also get a guide on how to best use the questions and a 'walk through guide' on asking those deeper questions.

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Here I am!

Giving kids the courage to be themselves, and the life skills to thrive now and into the future.

About the life changing Here I am! course

Do you want your child to have these life skills?

  • Notice when big emotions arise and have strategies on how to deal with them, so there are less meltdowns.

  • Be aware of what they're thinking and feeling so they can tell you what’s going on in their head and heart.

  • Learn to accept themselves, so they can start to love themselves as they are.

  • Learn to be Ok with making mistakes so their perfectionism can be turned down a notch, leading to a more relaxed child.

  • Know the value of kindness and develop empathy towards other people. And for boys, they can start to break the cycle of toxic masculinity.

  • Be equipped with the necessary skills so they can thrive in a fast changing world as they grow up.

'Here I am!' Course overview

  • 28 short inspirational video lessons between 3 and 6 minutes each.

  • Optional fun drawing or writing activity with each video lesson.

  • Can be done over 28 days or be self paced according to your child's developmental stage.

  • Full of conversation starters and discussion ideas between parent and child to encourage open conversations.

  • Once the course has been initially completed all the videos will be available to watch on demand as a resource and toolkit for your child.

  • Created, built and presented by award winning children's author Josh Langley

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Who is 'Here I am!" for?

'Here I Am!' is an online video based course and toolkit to help kids aged 5 to 12 build self-esteem, accept themselves for who they are and provide the life skills so they can thrive in the future.

Kids need this!

by Sonia Bestulic – Author, Speech & Language Pathologist, Podcaster of Chatabout Children

Having worked with thousands of children over the decades; I know kids need this! Josh has beautifully developed a course that sets kids up to develop crucial and foundational life skills. The modules are highly engaging, and personable; with content that really speaks to children’s hearts and minds. With the Josh Langley trademark quirks, and fun; you won’t find another course like it; it truly is one of a kind. Thank you Josh for the difference I know this will make in the world.

"Josh has the most magical way of talking about the things that matter."

Karen Young - Hey Sigmund

Watch Intro Video

Watch the video and discover why 'Here I am!' is so different from other courses.

'Here I am!' is based on the the award winning book series 'Being You is Enough'.

The book series has helped thousands of families around the world.

"It opened the door for communication between me and my son and it helped him feel ok”

- Linda (about It's OK to Feel the Way You Do)

When your child doesn't fit into a 'box'

All kids feel different at some point, but for some kids they could be diagnosed with ADHD, on the autism spectrum (autistic), dyslexic, have learning difficulties, are neurodiverse or have a physical difference or physical disability. I've created 'Here I am!' to help wonderful kids, like yours, learn to accept themselves so they can thrive in the world in their own unique way.

'Here I am!' is inclusive

I've designed 'Here I am!' to be accessible to kids and families from all walks of life as the messages and themes are universal. With anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts in kids on the rise worldwide I want every child to know they are important to the world.

Future proof your kids

Machine learning, AI and bio tech are fast replacing traditional blue and white collar jobs. Your child will need skills that computers can't replicate so they can thrive in a constantly evolving work environment. 'Here I am!' introduces your kids to the key skills they'll need, including; self-awareness, emotional well-being, curiosity, resilience, empathy and creativity.

How 'Here I am!' can help your family

  • Opens up important conversations with your kids and gives you an insight into what they’re thinking and feeling.

  • Brings you closer together.

  • Gives your kids strategies to help manage big emotions like anger and anxiety.

  • Lets your child know they are wonderful the way they are, no matter how different or out of place they may feel.

  • Gives your kids the tools to develop inner resilience so they can be braver in the world.

  • Gives your kids important life advice they can take into adulthood so they can develop into well adjusted adults.

  • You get to relax a little more knowing that you’re doing your best as a parent and your kids know they’re loved and wanted.

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I'd like to take the bundle offer and make a real difference to my child's life

“At a time when mental health is high on everyone’s agenda – even as it relates to children – this is a book which is sure to be on the bookshelves of psychologists as well as in classrooms and libraries. It is also an ideal book to initiate discussion about relationships and how to negotiate the world.”

- Dianne Bates, Buzzwords Books on Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures

Watch Intro Video

Watch the powerful story behind the name 'Here I am!'

"I don’t think my son would be the kid he is today without 'Being You is Enough'."

- Anne (mother of 12 year old boy who grew up with Being You is Enough)

Here I am! Course Outcomes

When a child completes the course, and both parent and child uses it as an on-demand emotional resource and toolkit, your child will be able to:

  • Self regulate their thoughts and emotions.

  • Identify and articulate when they’re feeling anxious or angry and have clear strategies to help work with these big emotions.

  • Begin to accept themselves as they are so they can focus on their unique attributes.

  • Find ways to express themselves creatively and use their imagination to problem solve and come up with ideas.

  • Identify and list things they’re grateful for and use them as a daily reminder.

  • Identify people they trust to talk to when they’re in distress, troubled or concerned.

  • Acknowledge that no-one is perfect and that we all make mistakes, as they are a part of life.

  • Have clear steps to reflect on mistakes, what can be learned, and then to move forward.

  • Have strategies to help avoid overthinking.

  • Demonstrate ways to be kind to themselves, people, animals and the planet.

Watch Intro Video

Sample course video

Being You is Enough from 'Here I am!'

Here I am! Course curriculum

  • 1

    21 Conversation Starters with Kids, plus a Guide to Having Deeper Conversations

  • 2

    Here I am! Introduction

  • 3

    Module 1 - Self acceptance and Self awareness

    • Even cool kids have to poo!

    • It's Ok to be different

    • No-one is perfect

    • Every 'body' is just fine

    • Being you is enough

    • Noticing your thoughts

    • Changing your thoughts

    • How to make friends with yourself

    • When you feel all alone (there's always someone to talk to)

  • 4

    Module 2 - Creativity and Resilience

    • The power of daydreaming and the imagination

    • Mistakes can be magnificent

    • Failing can be fantastic

    • Problems don't have to be.. problems!

    • How to avoid overthinking

    • How to be brave

  • 5

    Module 3 - Understanding your feelings

  • 6

    Module 4 - Building kindness and empathy and one last powerful message

  • 7

    Bloopers, Posters, and other fun stuff

    • The last video and the bloopers (so embarrassing!)

    • Here I am! 12 x Affirmation Posters to print off

Plus get FREE Bonus Material to the value of $371!

When you purchase the 28 video course, you'll also get:

  • Lifetime unlimited access to all videos to use on-demand as a mental and emotional toolkit.

  • Parent guide on how to get the most from 'Here I am!'.

  • At a glance lesson summaries that can be printed off.

  • Activity workbook that can be printed off.

  • 12 x 'Here I am!' affirmation posters to print off and pin up.

  • Blooper reel!

  • 60 day money back guarantee (T&Cs apply)*.

“My daughter is very sensitive and is often overwhelmed by her feelings, leading to a lot of crying. I asked her what she thought of this book. She said, “I like how it talks about feelings and it is OK to feel like that. It made me feel happy.” I highly recommend this book for everyone–parents, children, schools, public libraries–anyone or anyplace that involves feelings!”

- Kid's Book Review (for It's OK to Feel the Way You Do)

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I'd like to take the bundle offer and make a real difference to my child's life

I'm Josh Langley

Author of the award winning 'Being You is Enough' books series for kids. I promote positive mental and emotional health messages for kids through my books, presentations, primary school talks, videos, charity work and courses, like 'Here I am!'

When you feel different

I always felt different growing up. I wore nerdy glasses, had trouble reading, couldn't spell, was really short (still am), daydreamed a lot (still do) and was always getting into trouble for not paying attention. I didn't do well at school and ended up failing high school and being unemployed for a couple years. Many people told me I was a failure and I wouldn't amount to much.

Overcoming the odds

Regardless of what people said about me and a lack of any higher education, I went on to become a multi-award award winning radio copywriter. I have since published 9 books (4 kids books) and won the 2018 Australia Book Industry Awards (ABIA) Small Publishers' Children's Book of the Year. My books help thousands of families around the world. I tour primary schools talking to kids about self-esteem and resilience, create inspirational content for the Children’s Book Council of Australia WA Branch and Camp Quality Children’s Cancer Charity. I'm also an ambassador for The Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia. I have my own chat show, 'Josh Langley Gets to Know', where I talk with authors, children’s wellness specialists and people with inspiring stories.

"It is an excellent resource for discussing emotions in a positive, helpful way with children aged five and up.”

– Books and Publishing Australia


  • What is the age group for this course?

    Kids aged 5 to 12. However if your child is older than 12 but developmentally younger, they would benefit too.

  • Do you single out or talk about certain conditions or issues that children may have?

    I don't get specific at all. Because I want all kids to relate to what I'm saying, I keep things very generalised.

  • How long do I have access to the course for?

    You get unlimited lifetime access when you purchase 'Here I am!', so you and your child can go through the course as many times as you like. The videos are all able to be watched on-demand as well, so when certain life situations arise, your child can watch a video that can help them work through with that situation.

  • Is 'Here I am!' suitable for children on the autism spectrum?

    Yes. I'd show your child the course outline first, so they can become familiar with what to expect so there are no surprises. Some of the videos feature basic animation, but nothing too intense. You might like to watch some of the sample lessons to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

  • My child is non verbal, is 'Here I am!' still appropriate for them?

    Yes definitely. The messages and activities are still just as relevant and might be even more important for your child to hear.

  • My child is highly sensitive to stimuli, are there any bright flashing graphics or loud noises in 'Here I am!'?

    'Here I am!', does contain some basic animation, but nothing that would be considered intense. I'd suggest watching the preview videos to get an idea of what the graphics and animations look like. And no there are no loud noises or sound effects.

  • My child seems happy and progressing well, would they get anything out of this course?

    Yes. Every child, will be able to take something away from the course, even if it's simply being able to notice and manage their thoughts and emotions so they can live a more emotionally balanced life as they grow up.

  • My child is hearing impaired, do the videos have captions?

    Not as yet. I intend on including closed captions in the next 6 months. However I highlight key messages in bold text on the screen as I talk, so your child can get the key takeaway messages and still do the activities. I'd suggest watching one of the sample videos to see what I mean.

60 day guarantee for 'Here I am!'

The changes to your child after doing the ‘Here I am!’ course as instructed, may be subtle and take time to develop due to the very nature of the subject material. It is important to run through the complete course and do the activities. This lays the groundwork for later comprehension of topics covered in the lessons when used as an on-demand wellbeing tool kit. However, if after 60 days of following the course as suggested, it has made no discernible difference to their temperament, mood, levels of interaction and conversation or feeling of self-worth, then I’ll be happy to refund your money. Also, please see the 'Important disclaimer' below.

Important disclaimer

Here I am! is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counselling or medical treatment. If a parent has any concerns about their child’s wellbeing, they should seek medical treatment from a qualified professional and not solely rely upon the opinions expressed in 'Here I am!' It is not designed for children who have severe psychological disorders or medical conditions. Children who show signs of dangerous behaviour to themselves or others, should be placed under the care of a qualified professional.

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